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The web is littered with the ridiculously over argued question of the existence of gods and on here the reader will most likely find some more garbage.

The concept of god gets perpetually ingrained deep within almost every mind due to the constant subliminal, and not so subliminal bombardment of our ever religious environments. There is clearly currently  not enough or enough effAncient of Daysective convincing clarification on the subject of god – ‘and/or gods’. Far too many people still hang on to the concept as if their lives depend on it.

The liberation of the human mind from the concept of god is a gigantic undertaking. A successful endeavour is likely to span generations as the grip on our subconscious runs very deep. The holy grail , the  silver bullet,  as of yet has not been found.

The answer is not here, but hopefully a few questions make it out.

High Expectations
High Expectations

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  1. David Sturm says

    Yes Religion has killed in the name of its God

  2. russell says

    It still does, and does that not bother you?…

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